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Not All MILs Were Well-Behaved

New Year’s weekend, we lost electricity to our home. The first night we spent in a hotel unaware that the storm’s affect would take days to resolve. The second night, my husband explained to his mother that again we were displaced. She suggested we stay at their home. A kind enough offer, which we have had to repeatedly turn down on other types of occassions due to my allergies and their cats.

He reminded her again about my allergies. The woman, true to herself, turned hostile and said, “Fine. Go home and freeze.”

I believe the correct response, dear MIL, would have been to either offer to help defer the cost of another hotel stay (which your son would have graciously declined even though you shit money) or to wish us a simple good luck and then shut your big, bitter mouth.

And I swear, if she tells me to “shut your kid up” one more time, I’ll jack her. I don’t care if she’s 83.


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