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Stocking of Coal

Remember the “Grandma’s Journal” that we gave to you Christmas 2004 to fill out and complete during all your spare time watching Wheel of Fortune, PGA Tour, bowling, napping, etc., and then give to your grandson? We gave that to you since you have everything you possibly already need and want and thought that being able to pass on your thoughts and “wisdom” to your then two year old grandson since he will probably never remember you – as you are now into your 80’s – something you might find inspirational.

 However, when Christmas 2005 came and I saw that the journal was not only sitting in the unused parlor in the exact same spot you left it a year earlier, still in the box, BUT you still had not ONE GODDAMN WORD written in it. Well, just in case you ever notice (bwahahahahahaha!), I took it back and gave it to my mother. She’s nearly completed it, too, …even though she still works outside the home.


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