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Just One Reason I Hate Survivor

My husband and I needed a babysitter for a couple of hours on a Thursday night so we could attend a zoning committee meeting that had our potential-homeon the agenda.

The SIL kindly offered to watch him at her house.

These arrangements were made early in the week. Thursday afternoon, with only a couple of hours to spare, SIL called my husband and said that she now was not going to be home, but her husband still would be. She advised that we not bring our son’s favorite movie over (per her earlier suggestion) because her husband wanted to watch his TV shows.

Guess why she couldn’t watch our son? She was going out with her friends to the bar to watch Survivor instead.

Furious, we decided we wouldn’t subject our son to a couple of hours of being shushed (he was 3 at the time), and not being played with, so my husband stayed home and I went to the meeting.

When SIL found out, she actually had a shit-fit and called my husband at work the next day. He explained to her that she was the one who let us down and that it wasn’t fair to our son (or to us since it wasn’t like we were trying to go out for dinner and drinks, but for a meeting), she said, “Fine! Don’t ever ask me to watch him again!” and hung up on her brother.

It’s been over two years since that happened. She recently asked why we don’t let her watch our son instead of paying a baby-sitter when my husband and I go out.

She’s got to be joking.


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  1. Poor SIL…she must have early onset Alzheimer’s disease. (either that or she is just extremely self centered).


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