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Something Stinks and It Ends in “In Law”

Husband and I and underwent 8 years of painful, emotionally exhausting, pocket emptying infertility. I won’t even go into some of the comments that were spewed at that time but I will move right on to what they said when we told them (excitedly on our part) that were were going to pursue adopting. They both wrinkled up their noses like somebody farted after eating bad cheese and asked, with ALL seriousness, “but you don’t know what you will get” they weren’t talking boy or girl, they were talking a baby that wasn’t in the PERFECT FAMILY GENE POOL…this comment was followed by another nose wrinkling asking “what if there is something wrong with IT?” This questioning went on for almost a year while they kept asking why we were adopting….I wanted to scream because your son isn’t able to do the deed assholes, just to see their faces. (Actually he wasn’t the source of our infertility but I wanted to say it anyway:)

This is just the tip of the iceberg..actually it may be the same one that took down the Titanic.


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  1. Yeah, other than the fact I’m quite fond of their son, I always wonder what it is *exactly* that is so great about that gene pool.

    And I wonder if my husband was the reason for our infertility if they would “reassure” him that they love him even though HE can’t make babies. No? Just me? Thought so.

    I hope you’ve gone on to adopt a lovely… and loved child.

  2. May your child know love and be forever protected from just such SELFISH thinking on the part of his “grandparents”, however, that protection must come – hopefully by a change in their attitude!

    If you did decide to yell it – would you have at least taken a video so we could all watch their reactions?


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