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Political Senility

Husband and FIL were carrying on some small talk yesterday at lunch. Somehow the conversation turned towards Al Gore and his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. My husband should have pretended to choke on a chicken bone at the very moment the words “global warming” came out of my FIL’s mouth.

My FIL is – for lack of a better word – Brilliant. Truly, he is the mind behind many great things that happened in our city. He can carry on intelligent and meaningful conversations in almost any circle.

Unfortunately, he is afflicted with Political Senility.

“It’s bullshit! Global Warming? Ha! It’s 30 degrees outside and the normal temperature should be in the 50’s. It’s a scam. A political scam to get more tax dollars. Blahblahblah, spewspewspew.”

Husband asked him just what scam did he think they were trying to pull, and who is “they”.

FIL replies, “I’m not prepared to debate this with you at this time,” and the conversation promptly dies.

You brought it up, you pompous ass.


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  1. That sounds like my father in law. He said he doesn’t “believe in global warming”

    political senility, I love it!


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