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My MIL Doesn’t Like My Directions

When her and step-father come to visit it is always a crap-tastic party.

EVERY TIME we give them directions to our house, and EVERY TIME they choose to ignore them.

This leads to cell phone calls about how horrible the traffic is (we live near Boston, yes it’s gonna be worse than East Nowhere, NY), how the people can’t drive, and how confusing everything is.

Well, no shit sherlock. It is confusing when you trust the fucking internet over your own Daughter-In-Law (me!). The internet directions take her on these really weird routes that are so round-about and confusing that even me, who knows the highways, gets confused when I read them. So why, oh why, does she insist on using them?!?!?!?!

Then when she gets to our house it’s like WE did this to her. “I’m so tired from that drive. These drivers are enough to give you a heart-attack. I don’t know how you can live in such a confusing place”. I wish she would just come out and say what she wants to say, she wants us to move back to East Nowhere. I also think she harbors some resentment towards me for taking her son away from her (we moved to the Boston area for my job).

Now that we have a baby it’s even worse. “If you lived close by I could help you guys out”. Hahahaha, I don’t WANT your help, you loon!


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  1. We’re about to move 3k miles away cross country, taking my MIL and step FIL’s only grandchild with us.

    It’s the right thing to do. And I know it’s my fault.


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