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Racist MIL

No, MIL, my baby doesn’t “take after me” (I’m of Hispanic descent). Repeating it won’t make it true.  He has jaundice.

I’m glad you think that “mixed babies are beautiful” and I should just accept that he’s “got my colouring”. Try not to be disappointed when he gets better.   


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  1. Sounds like MIL. She was endlessly disappointed that my son got my husband`s eyes. Even now, she makes comments like “I am so glad J is starting to look like you, he is really getting cute now..” no thought as to how her comments actually hurt my husband`s feelings a hell of alot. Not to mention the fact that I am offended that she doesn`t think my son was beautiful from the beginning!!!

    PS- hope your son`s jaundice clears up asap!

  2. I also hope he gets better soon. But just for fun, I would find a picture of another baby who is of a completely different race and send that to her…but wait until she replies about how much he looks like so-and-so before telling her it “was a joke.”

  3. Ha! When our first had jaundice, my husband was certain that it was his Italian heritage showing. And I’m thinking, ‘Honey, he’s not looking Italian, he’s looking ORANGE!”


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