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Holiday TMI

Well let me just tell you how much my MIL can totally suck.  Ummmm for my in laws Christmas newsletter they give each ‘family’ a little paragraph.  When it got to us she said that we visited this summer.  We shared that I was pregnant.  But then found out at 8 weeks that they miscarried.  THEN moves onto, Sunny still teaches 2nd grade and is involved in her church.  She didn’t even skip a beat.  I was like, WHAT THE HECK!  You just told the world that I had a miscarriage.  Ummm what a killjoy!


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  1. Apparently your mil and my mil are siblings…

  2. What a shame that there is another like mine. HA!

    Sorry for the poor writing. I just threw my thoughts out there without thinking about it! 🙂

  3. Did she end the letter with: “and my husband is taking Viagra…” jsut because nothing seems sacred to her?


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