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Taking the “Daughter” out of Daughter-In-Law

It was just a few months after I married their middle son. It was a big family get together at their house with ALL their family there (mine live in another state). We were passing around the wedding pictures, and I heard my MIL talking about how much her youngest son’s girlfriend had helped her prepare the house and food for the day (I had asked if I could help with anything, and she said no). Note: said girlfriend and youngest son treated each other horribly and had broken up and gotten back together several times already.

While I was standing there, watching everyone look at the wedding pictures, MIL said, “I always wondered what it would be like to have a daughter.” Hello? Here I am, your daughter-in-law, pregnant with your granddaughter. I had to leave the room.

We’ve been married five years now, and she and FIL are still treating me like a grandchild machine who’s going to run out on their son eventually.


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  1. ugh, I hate the “grandchild machine” feeling. My PIL are not quite so obvious about it but every now and again I feel the overwhelming need to scream at them “hey, remember me, I am a person worthing knowing/ caring about too…”

  2. That just totally SUCKS!

  3. OMG, I would of died.

  4. So I’m a lesbian – therefore married to a woman, right? My poor DW had to sit through a conversation with GMIL talking about how my cousin’s upcoming wedding was exciting because it would be her first granddaughter to get married.

    Ok. So GM doesn’t consider DW a granddaughter, but do you need to be so rude as to say it to her face?! Urg.

  5. mike yuen ken paahana

    my mother hate my gf an said to never marry her so she no become her daughter in law


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