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Cultural Assumptions

In the early days of my marriage, my MIL would pronounce my name in what was supposed to be a Spanish accent.

Now my name is a good name: one that exists in both English speaking countries and Spanish speaking countries. Let’s say my name is ‘Rosalynn’. So that goes ‘ROSE-ah-linn’. Cuz I was born in the USA and I speak unaccented English. And my name is what I say it is. My DH had to *beg* and *plead* with her not to call me ‘rosss-aaaaaahhhhhh-LEEEEEEE-naaaaaaah’ in her weirdo accent. And then to stop adding the unnecessary ‘a’ to the end of my name.

Your mispronunciation of my name and addition of a Spanish-sounding syllable to the end of it makes me think that you don’t consider me to be like you: a born-and-raised Californian.* Oh and sorry that I offended you by not trying the Mexican salad you made with Fr.itos and shredded cheddar. Not only is that not really Mexican food, but also my family is not from Mexico. Not even the same continent!

*except for the pesky five years I spent in childhood in… ENGLAND.


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  1. My FI’s WASP family always says that I’m Eye-talian. They don’t seem to get (or care) no matter how many times I explain it, that eye-talian is an insulting, biggoted way to pronounce it meant to devalue the amazing history and culture of my ancestors.

    And, I agree about the food confusion. I got ‘tude for not eating the “Italian” pasta salad she made with a bottle of Wishbone italian dressing. Yack.


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