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Pity Party

I sent off a very cordial email to my MIL regarding a day that we  were coming near them to stay at my mothers and asked if they would  like to come – for various reasons we would not be able to make it  over to my in laws house during this short trip.  I also asked if  there was anyone that they would like to invite to the baby shower that my mother was planning on throwing and the response I got back

Ok what do you want me to bring?
RE: shower I know you don’t want any of my family there so want any of  FIL’s?

I normally have a fairly okay relationship with my in laws.  However this pretty much made me see red.  MIL’s family has a criminal in it that we can not and will not associate with.  This was both my husband and my decision.  While I don’t like one of my MIL’s brothers I can tolerate them for a day.   We don’t go to family functions 
because a) we’re not invited and b) we live 4 hours away and work  weekends.  I never said anything about not wanting her family at the  shower.

I haven’t responded back to the email.  However – I believe I told husband that he could deal with his mother from now on.


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  1. I ALWAYS let my husband deal with his parents. It is just so much easier that way. Why do MILs have to be so damn difficult?

  2. HOLY CRAP! I am so sorry!

    My husband deals with his family and I deal with mine. It is just the way it has to work.

  3. Yeah what is up with MILs?


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