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She Said What He Said What They Said

Every Sunday evening my in-laws, including the SIL and her husband go out to eat. Every Sunday, they call my husband’s cell phone to see if we would like to go. My husband is now out of town every other Sunday, but they still call him. In fact, they will call him, ask if he’d like to go, to which he reminds them that he’s out of town, but have they called me? They have my cell number, also. No, they say. Why don’t you call her and find out if she wants to come and then call us back.

Of course I’m going to say no.

You are probably wondering how I resist such warm and sincere invitations.


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  1. dil in wisconsin

    Oh, I totally understand that! My inlaws have done that to me as well…usually it is more of that they need me to do something and instead of just asking me outright, they ask me through DH.


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