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Honesty? Honestly!

Honesty isn’t always the best policy. No wait, it *IS*.

Right before my wedding, my MIL kept asking me if DH and I had had our blood tests. I kept patiently explaining to her that in California, you don’t need a blood test to get married. Finally she came out with her true worry, at SIL’s house and in front of Grandma.

She asked, ‘Have you had an AIDS test?’

Actually, I had asked DH to get tested for STDs and give me a credit report before our wedding, so I could kind of understand where she was coming from. Except she wasn’t getting married to me, so it was really none of her business. In fact, from her extreme evangelical Christian world-view, she was certain that DH and I were ‘doing it’ and I was giving DH all kinds of cooties. We weren’t and I wasn’t: DH had gone over that with her when we announced our engagement and she asked me (the second we were alone together, of course) if I was pregnant.

AIDS test? I replied, ‘Oh yes, I’m negative. I get tested once a year for peace of mind.’

Truth hurts, lady.


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  1. dil in wisconsin

    I love your response…It is exactly the kind I would like to give my MIL when she gives me instructions on how to use the microwave!

  2. The thing is, I didn’t say it to be snarky, I said it because it was true. Later, I patted myself on the back and poured myself a drink: all the beauty of sincerity and all the joy of unintentional snark!


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