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Wake Up and Smell the Bourbon

Several weeks ago there was an “incident” that involved my husband, my 5 yr old son and my alcoholic MIL in which resulted in my husband (her son) destroying the liquor cabinet and pouring all the alcohol down the drain. Yes, he understands that what he did solves nothing.

Usually the daughter (my SIL) gets called when MIL passes out on the floor or falls down in the bathroom because she is the obediant daughter who doesn’t like to stir up any shit and remain in the good graces of her parents. It’s just that when this happened with my husband, he was already in the house when he found her sneaking drinks.

Much of what happened has blown over. Then my SIL talks to my husband and tells him that Dad is worried that while she’s on vacation the FIL will have to my husband instead and that my husband might “wreck the house”.

Hmmmm. Maybe my FIL shouldn’t go hide in the TV room while MIL pretends she’s drinking shots of water. Oh, wait, here’s a thought! Maybe my FIL should just call the paramedics to scrape her passed out ass from the floor so my husband doesn’t have to come over again and find his Mom laying in a pool of her own urine and telling him to fuck off.

I think a little detox in a behavioural health wing of a hospital is just what my MIL needs with a mix of humiliation by having her wake up to her neighbor/doctor reviewing her chart.


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  1. Addiction and co-dependency suck. It’s a shame you can’t get your MIL committed to rehab.


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