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I have taken steps to reduce my exposure to the toxic relationship of my in-laws. As such, my own personal stories are few and far between. In-Laws Suck can only continue on life support for so long so I’m challenging each of you to provide a short story about any of your in-laws that I will post for you here.

The only other option is to let this site die a slow, painful and lonely death, and we wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemy, even if it is our MIL.

Submissions can be mailed to


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  1. Don’t let it die, please, ladies! Bring on the stories! It makes us all feel a little better to vent – and to see if someone has it worse than we do!

  2. Can we submit more than one? I no longer have a relationship with my in-laws either but I still have tons of stories. You’ll be getting an email from me.

  3. Hey! Please don’t let this die! I JUST found it! I have loads of stories! What to you get when you cross a nitpicky DIL (That owuld be me) with crazy in-laws! Sheer entertainment! I swear I’ll submit, but I want to get caught up on your site first. Thanks!

  4. I just found out about your site – and my stories alone can keep the site alive!

    Please send in your stories…. and maybe we can also provide each other some therapy with helpful advice/solutions at beating the IL’s at their own game!!! That’s my goal…. one up her!!!

    The Real Wife


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