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My MIL, A Trip Down Memory Lane, If You Will

When my husband told his mom that he was going to propose to me, she asked him if he was sure I’d say yes, because really, what did he have to offer me?  Oh yes, she did. 

When she was showing me houses (she’s my realtor, naturally), she asked me if I really knew what I was in for by marrying her son.  Uh huh. 

One night after dinner, and many glasses of wine on her part, my MIL tried to get my husband to argue with her.  When he wouldn’t take the bait (cause he’s smart! and nice!), she said, “You’re just like your father, I can’t believe you found someone who loves you.”  WHAT?  Just to let you know, my husband is the nicest, sweetest man. He scoops the litter, he takes out the trash (even my gross girl trash), he makes me coffee in the morning, he feeds the dogs, he does his own laundry, he leaves me sweet notes and that’s just the beginning.  What do I do for him?  Good question.

So, I guess I have the opposite problem most people do.  My MIL treats me better than her own spawn, yet somehow manages to put me down by talking shit about the man I chose to marry.  Interesting conundrum.   

I have one question for you….WTF?


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