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I’ll See If I Can Pencil You In

My husband’s 102 year old grandmother was just moved into an assisted living facility. She has always lived on her own and has lived a very full life.

Labor day weekend we were visiting the in-laws and were planning on going to visit grandma. My kids love their great grandma and I’m thrilled that they have been able to have a relationship with her.

My mother-in-law told us that she had a schedule set up for visiting times.  We were to go at 6:30 on Saturday. Oh, and then she added: NO KIDS. My husband was furious. Apparently the MIL had been telling my sister-in-law the same thing for weeks. 

So we asked SIL what kind of condition she was in that would make it so that kids couldn’t visit. She said she is fine, just tired. So when we left at 6:30 we took the kids with us. We visited for about 15 or 20 minutes, talked about school starting and soccer. No problems. When we got back to the house my son ran up to MIL and told her that he had gone to see great-grandma! She made a horrible exasperated noise and walked away.

The next day when it was the sister-in-law’s turn on the “schedule”. MIL told her to go ahead and bring the kids. 

This may very well be my kids’ last opportunity to see and talk to their great-grandma and my husband and I weren’t about to let them miss it. 


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  1. Never let someone else’s opinion of what is right, stop you from doing what is best for you and your family – it has taken me a lifetime to learn this, and I am still learning this.

    I am so glad that you allowed your kids to visit their great-grandma – Great-grandma’s are awesome and they are soo lucky to have one.

  2. oh, and I’d tell the SIL to ditch the schedule, unless the nursing home has a set policy – visit any time you want..


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