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Get Thee To A Baptismal

We were a week away from my son’s baptism when we got a call from my MIL.  She said that we couldn’t baptize our child because she had already done so on her own.  She apparently had a talk with the Priest from her church and he said that my son was technically already baptized. 

Her excuse was that we were taking too long (he was about four months old when WE did it).  Then when I called her and told her about how she was wrong she called everyone from her side of the family and turned everyone against us. 

So needless to say no one from my husband’s side of the family showed up.  It was a great party!!!!


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  1. That sounds almost like what I went through. When my first child was born I came home from the hospital and MIL came over with used clothes from the salvation army and Baptism announcement card along with matching napkins…..WTF That fact that we did not do what she wanted had been held over our heads by both MIL & SIL (who converted from catholic to luthern)

  2. What gall! I cannot believe these people!

  3. A child can’t be baptized more than once? Or is it that your MIL has a different religion than you?


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