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Mixed Message

I just started working one day a week teaching ESL. My baby is 6 months old, and he stays home with my DH. The day before I started work, my MIL sent me the following:

From: MIL
Subject: Work!!!

DIL and DS, We’ve been praying for you both as you have your first day of work—DIL with the Japanese children, and DH alone with the baby. I sure hope the baby took the bottle, or was able to nurse with mommy.

My DH tried so hard to get my DD to suck a nipple other than mine, and she refused for hours—never did take it. Didn’t have the heart to wait for extreme hunger to overtake her. We didn’t even try with the others! There’s nothing as good as mommy—and it really is a short time in life when you look at the whole. I wouldn’t have traded being home with the babies for the early months for anything. But everyone is different.

Even though you’re an almost full-time mom now, I know you have so much to offer the world, DIL, and I applaud you for getting your job— hope it goes well. Just know we are thinking of you, and hope your day went well.

Love you so, MIL

I love you too, MIL, really, but if this is ‘applauding’ I wonder what censure looks like!


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  1. What a sneaky way of handing out GUILT while being a “supportive MIL”.

    I would reply Dear MIL sorry your DD was such a tit baby. Luckily my Husband has taken the time to BOND to our baby.
    Thanks for the support!

  2. Holy Guilt Trip Batman! Like us working moms don’t pile on enough on our own!

  3. wow, i haven’t seen guilt wrapped up so pretty in a long time. wow.

  4. Lordy, that sounds so familiar.


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