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My SIL insisted on getting married before her brother (my husband) and finagled her wedding to be 10 weeks before ours. Approximately a year later, she announced that they were going to try and get pregnant.

We had planned to wait to get pregnant until around the 2 year mark and have even mentioned it in passing once or twice throughout the time we were engaged and early in our marriage. We found out we were pregnant on our 2 year anniversary (how’s that for timing?).

We had his family over for dinner to announce it (minus the SIL and BIL who were married and trying – they live out of state and were unable to come to the dinner). The first words out my my MIL’s mouth when we informed her that she was going to be a grandmother for the first time? “What does SIL think about this?”

It took nearly 2 hours for even one of them to say congratulations. This is the first grandchild for my MIL and of course the first niece or nephew for my 3 SIL’s (who all love children and the two who aren’t married and trying to get pregnant have been begging their sister to get pregnant pretty much since she said “I do.”).


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  1. Wow, that’s just sad.

    It’s weird how a pregnancy announcement can really cause odd feelings in people. When I was about 10 weeks pregnant my SIL (husband’s sister) found out she was pregnant. There were quite a few people who mentioned her “stealing my thunder” or something like that. I was thrilled for her and extremely excited that our children would be so close together. Sadly she lost the baby a few weeks later but within a few months she was pregnant again and our boys are barely 6 months apart, which everyone is thrilled about.

    Hopefully your in-laws will see the silliness of their reaction and just be overjoyed for you!

  2. ??? What a weirdo. Congratulations, tho! Hope your parents made up for his!

  3. Congratulations! We had these types of “order” problems in our family too. My aunt has actually informed my younger sister (who got married a year before me) that she must wait for me to have children first. It is always better when you can share the experiences together rather than compete.
    Good luck!

  4. First off, congratulations. My SIL at the time was so jealous. At the beginning, everyone thought I was having a boy. She wanted another kid SO BAD. But, what she got was a divorce. I had a little girl, which I knew I was having. Mom’s just know these thing, I guess. And, she’s going on 8. MIL still treats her like dirt. For two reasons: 1. husband had a child from first time around and hadn’t seen her in 15 years and 2. she’s a girl. She treats her like crap. Ok. That’s another story.


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