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Potty Issues with The Boy

For the most part I like my SIL. She’s a little high strung sometimes but she usually means well. The woman can get so uptight and wrapped up in how things “should” be that it is irritating. Still, she doesn’t get on my nerves all that much.

A few weeks ago husband and I joined them on their vacation. They were vacationing near our home so we stayed with them in the rental house over the first weekend we were there. SIL has 2 kids. One of whom is an adorable little boy just under a year. As all little boys do, he loves to touch his boy parts during diaper changes. My nephews loved doing this as well, my sister let them and that was the end of it. No problems, no biggie. SIL however will not let little boy do this. When she changes him, she holds him in a bear-hug while BIL puts on the diaper or swimmer.

I thought this was insane. Poor little boy would be screaming the whole time. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t. I felt bad for little boy.


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  1. That’s the sign in our family that you know summer’s finally come – nekked little guys walking around with their hands between their legs!

  2. Has she ever heard that making issues out of something natural. Poor little boy!!! I hope he does not grow up not even knowing the real name for his body parts. Maybe you should get him a little book on that for his birthday or christmas to help parents feel better that it is normal

  3. Oh that’s just sad. Poor little guy. My little guy is 6 months old and just now finding his boy part. I know it’s natural for him to grab at it, it is a part of his body after all. Hopefully they can get over that soon and let him discover himself on his own.

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  5. How bizarre! It’s normal behavior, and she’s turning it into something nagative. My 17 month old touches himself during diaper changes and I tell him “That’s your penis, and your scrotum.” He smiles and says “Pee..” When I tell him to say hi to his penis, he waves to me and says “Hi!” Then, just because I don’t want to just focus on the penis, I suggest that he could say hi to his toes, too. “Toes! Hi!” and waves.

    Boys will be boys…

  6. Anna, that’s hysterical. I remember my sister tellling me my nephew would do some real cringe worthy touches of his penis and scrotum. However, she just said to “play gently”. Eventually he decided it was old hat and moved on to something else. The funniest is when he would get what my sister called a, “baby boner” and he would say, “Look mom, my pee is BIG!!”. Hahaha!!

  7. I think SIL has some issues that are a bit deeper than what is on the surface! I have 3 boys and they all managed to grow up ok even with the occasional self fondle.

  8. When I mentioned to my eight-month-old son’s doctor that he had become preocupied with his boy part during diaper changes, the doctor told me not to worry…that it was a minor preoccupation that would last for oh the next sixty or seventy years or so.


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