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Potty Issues, Now With The Girl

You remember the SIL from the last post

Her daughter is in the midst of potty training. We got home from an outing and SIL asked daughter is she had to go pee. Daughter said yes. So, off to the potty they go and daughter had a toy with her. SIL puts her on the potty, hangs up a towel, and goes back in to see if daughter had gone. She hadn’t. This is the conversation:

SIL: Do you have to pee?

D:  Yes, I do

SIL (in an angry tone): Then stop playing and go

D: Ok, mommy

(waiting, waiting, waiting)

SIL (now in a p.o.’d tone): Daughter stop playing. Do you  have to poop?
It’s ok if you do

D: No mommy, I have to pee. I do (she’s kind of crying/whining at this

SIL (same tone): Daughter I’m going to count to 3 if you don’t pee by
then you are getting off the potty

D(crying now): NO MOMMMMYYYYY, I have to go. I do

SIL: 1

D: Mommy I can’t go

SIL: 2

D: Mommy I have to go, I do

SIL: 2.5

D: I’m trying

SIL: 3. Ok Daughter you had your chance. I don’t want to hear in a half
hour that you have to go either.

Daughter was left crying at this point. I wanted to yell to SIL, “What the hell does it matter if she wants to sit on the pot? Nobody else has to go?! Let her play if she wants. For crying out loud, what are you the potty police?!”

We left them after the weekend and I had a good time for the most part, but I really don’t understand why my SIL has such issues with touching and hanging on the potty. It just irritated me to the core.


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  1. Has your husband ever said that his parents were anything like that with him/her growing up? Is she “a little” high strung

  2. that poor little girl is going to more issues than she can shake a stick at when she is older.

  3. Oh my gosh… Thankfully she has a sane, grounded aunt. Never unerestimate the effectiveness of a good aunt… poor girl!

  4. Yes, she is high strung. She’s a mom that needs to have things “perfect” on the outside.

    Funny thing my husband is not very modest. His sister? Way over the top sometimes. I think she has issues herself with all things sexual. I’m not sure why. I know their parents were pretty modest and they grew up Catholic (which my husband has decided since is not the religion for him).

    Thankfully WE will not have these issues. My dd can sit on the toilet until she falls asleep for all I care, as long as she goes! Heck sometimes, I sit on there just to get some relief from the day.

  5. The next time you are together you need to slip a little xanax into her tea. She really needs to chill or her kids will have years of therapy ahead!


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