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Who Needs Testing?

It was Sunday morning.  Early early.  Like, 6:45 am early.  I was singing on the worship team at church for both services.  My husband and older son were hunting.  I had preplanned for my MIL to come and hang out with my 5 year old and then bring him with her to 2nd service at 10:30.  No big deal, right?  Unfortunately, wrong. 

I had to be at the church for rehearsal by 7:00.  6:55, I realize that my MIL is not coming.  I call her.  Get voicemail.  End up taking Little Boy to church with me.  The poor kid sits there, trying his best to be good for the next 4 hours.  Most of the time, he was sitting by himself while I was on stage. 

My MIL showed up for second service.  Comes up to me talking about how she forgot.  SHE FORGOT. 

She actually said to me, “you know, I’m sorry and all, but you really should have called to remind me”.  Oh gee, I didn’t realize that I needed to remind you to spend time with your grandson.  My bad. 

Little Boy really wanted to sit with her during worship in 2nd service so I let him.  When I went to collect him, she made a comment to me about how she just doesn’t understand why he can’t sit still.  Do I think maybe he should be tested for ADHD?  I told her no, that I think he was just forced to sit there for 4 1/2 hours total.  Any 5 year old would be fidgeting.  She proceeded to leave a voice mail message for my husband suggesting that we have him tested. 

Seriously?  She can bite me.


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  1. So you are supposed to remind her to do something that she agreed to? Hmmm, that’s news to me too! Poor little guy, it sounds like he did amazingly well for having to sit around for all that time!

    Get him tested…How about we get her memory tested instead?!

  2. You *did* call to remind her, and she didn’t answer. What were you supposed to do? Send her a damned telegram?

    My son can barely sit still after 30 minutes in church. Your son is a saint for lasting as long as he did w/o a complete meltdown.


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