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When Will I Learn To Check The Caller ID?

After having not heard from her in literally months I answer the phone to hear this:


“Hi, I was just browsing at Barnes and Noble and saw a book with animal pictures.  Does your son have any books with animal pictures?  These are nice pictures, up close.  And I thought I’d get this other book about Big Bear and Little Bear.  He probably feels very left out since he can’t keep up with his big sister and is not as agile as her.”


“Um, no, actually they play together quite well and he hasn’t shown any frustration.  He can do pretty much everything she can so.  But the first book sounds nice, books are always welcome.”


“Oh.  (silence)  Well, I should get going.  I’m losing my voice.  Goodbye.”   

Glad you’ve taken the time to get to know your only grandchildren.


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  1. OMG, that sounds just like my MIL! They live ten minutes from us and have never taken the time to get to know their only grandchildren who live here. I usually end up selling their “gifts” on e-bay : )


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