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I’m in the wedding industry, so I tend to hear a lot of horror stories about in-laws to-be. This one takes the cake though.

A stressed out bride was trying to print out her invitations at home. She had spent weeks designing, buying just the right paper, etc – but her home printer just wouldn’t cooperate. 

In a seeming act of kindheartedness, her future MIL offered to print them out for her at home and bring back the pieces. The bride accepted.  When she got the pieces back, her future MIL had changed the font, added the parent’s full names (spelling the bride’s mother’s name wrong) and changed the color of some of the text. 


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  1. My sister did my invitations. She changed the time of the wedding because ‘it fit better.’

  2. I do wedding invitations for a living (trying to anyway). You NEVER NEVER NEVER change what the bride-to-be wants. I’m sorry it looked so bad.


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