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Move From Hell

When my son was 6 and my daughter 2 years old, my husband just got a new job that would take us from the Midwest to the west coast. It would be the first time that we would be leaving our home state. From the time that he took the job to the time we left the state was just under 2 months.

We had to sell our house and pack everything for a cross country trip. MIL could not find any time during those short weeks to spend extra time with her only grandson and youngest granddaughter. When it finally hit all of them (SIL, MIL, BIL) it was to late. But we were the bad ones because we were too busy to drive to their house the day before the packers were coming. We were also bad because we did not dredge through several feet of snow to the back of our yard to then load the wood we cut in OUR vehicle and drive it over to MIL house.

Then if things could not get any worse, my kids, our cat, and myself were flying while my husband drove in a winter storm with the dog to our new state. The kids and I stayed at a friend’s 1 bedroom apartment the days before because MIL had no time for us. My best friend’s parents drove us to the airport and waited with us to leave. I even had a long time friend come meet us there for a surprise. No family thought it was important enough to say goodbye.

I just love my in-laws!!!!!!


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  1. Don’t you know that it’s when you need them the most that they let you down? I totally know how you feel, I have the same situation here. I have found friends to be more supportive and there for us when we need it than our family has ever been.

  2. But wasn’t it nice to be away from them once you got settled????

  3. I always know my closest friends have been more supportive than my ILs. Also, I have friends who keep my daughter that I would rather let her stay with than my ILs. They treat her like crap. Every time they come to town, they spend an hour or 2 with her. But, I bet it feels good to be away from them.

  4. If this tell you anything by my front door my sign reads friends welcome relatives by apointment only.


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