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“Holy” Days?

On Thanksgiving about four years ago we had to visit the in-laws.  They are Fundamentalist, focus on the mental, Southern Baptists – I am Jewish.  Our son was really into Harry Potter at the time and was planning a Potter Party for his upcoming birthday.  Immediately after dinner, my FIL ran to his room and retrieved his bible.  He then called our son over to explain to him with scripture how he was conversing with the devil and how as parents we were teaching him to walk in the fire of Satan.  By the time his Dad and I realized what was going on, our son was in near hysterics. 

My husband told them that we had “agreed” not to bring up the religion thing, that they had “promised” they wouldn’t – but no, they forged on anyway.  The whole thing escalated into a huge argument and then they kicked us out of their home.  Before pie. 

Later that evening we had to have a talk with our son explaining how too much of a good thing, even religion, can become a bad thing. 

Fast forward to Christmas at their house.  We were invited to exchange gifts, which we do even though I am Jewish.  Everyone was handing out presents, and when my husband asked where my gift was my MIL replied, “Oh, I didn’t get her one, this isn’t her holiday”.

Merry Fucking Christmas to you too lady.


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  1. Aren’t the Baptists wonderful people? My husband was told by his Baptist grandfather that because he was marrying me, a Catholic, that our children would be the spawn of the Devil. A very Christian thing to say, don’t you agree?

  2. I am Southern Baptists born and raisted… I agree with their beliefs closer than any other religion. Having said that I must also say…..I totally agree with your statement as Too Much of even a good thing is a bad thing!

    BTW our Sunday School class went as a group of old empty nesters to Harry Potter movie together. As a MIL & Southern Baptist I am embarrassed for her – and resent her tainting both names.

    Your husband should have said “Where are her Honika gifts then?”

  3. You SO should have given her the index fingers to each side of the head making the “horns” and waggling your tongue. Even if people have a religious agenda, should they remember just to act as decent human beings as well?

  4. Ha ha ha, waggle tongue and horns! Hilarious!

  5. When the Holidays roll around next year (or before then if neccissary), you should put your foot down and say “we will not be spending the Holidays (or any other time) with you.” End of story. Unless they are complete idiots as well as inconsiderate hipocrites they’ll know damn well why you wont come.


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