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Now ladies (just where are the men with their Mother-In-Law stories??), you emailed and said you had tons of stories…where are they? This isn’t a one pony show! While I have a couple in draft, I have to hold out until something special happens or doesn’t happen in the Sane In-Law’s abode before I tempt karma.

Do you have something related to the upcoming Holidays, whether it be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanakkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa?

By the way, if you  have a suggestion on how to make this site even better, I’m open to suggestions. Send your stories to inlawssuck at yahoo dot com.


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  1. They in-laws are actually coming for a visit this weekend, so I’m sure I’ll have something for you next week!

  2. Would you like stories from anyone? I am sure I can dig up a few – the waffle tantrum, the ringing doorbell, how not to dry your clothing, send in the clown…..


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