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Hosting Christmas one year was a complete debacle because of her. She was by far the worst house guest I’ve ever had. She continually asked me my opinion of how we should do things and then let me know that I had chose incorrectly on everything.

************************ My husband wrote a book. When she first saw a published copy of it, she actually commented out loud that he had not thanked her in the acknowledgments although he had mentioned me. Who DOES that? I  mean, maybe I can understand thinking such a thing (although that’s even a stretch) but to say it out loud is appalling.

************************She was planning to come to town for a brief stay, during a layover on her way home from an overseas trip. She told me to “figure out where she was going to stay.” Like I am her travel agent or something? Like I don’t have a job and a baby to deal with?

I could go on and on, but I won’t. I’m bracing for two visits with her over the holidays and need to try to flush these things from my mind or else I might snap her head off when she walks in the door.


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