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Here’s One NOT About The MIL!

My BIL has always made every thing a competition.  When we were looking at houses shortly after we got married, he and his girlfriend at the time decided that they were going to buy or build a huge house with lots of land for her horses.  I guess the fact that he has crappy credit escapes him.  

Everything in his life is done because somebody else is going to do it and he has to keep up or do better. His friend bought a brand new truck, so he had to go out and buy a new truck.  His friend bought a brand new motorcycle, so he had to go out right away and buy a brand new motorcycle just like it. We were getting married, so he had to hurry up and get engaged (which, fell through, by the way.)  His whole life everything has been about him and he absolutely HATES that anybody else gets his mother’s attention, but yet this is the child who doesn’t really care about his family until he has a GF to show off.

So now we are married and thinking about having children, so he hurried up and got his GF pregnant.  The biggest thing for him is that my MIL and I are close (despite our spats and disagreements) and we do things together.  A few years ago, he complained that his mom never wanted to do anything with his GF at that time and that it bothered his GF.  The truth of the matter is that my MIL had asked her to do things and she never wanted to, so she quit asking; that and she didn’t really care for the rest of us or try to do anything with his family.  It bothered him more than it bothered her. 

Now he has a new GF who is pregnant, and my MIL and I just signed up for a sewing class together – gee I wonder what he will have to say about that!  The final straw for DH was when my mom put on a small get-together a couple of weeks ago for his 25th birthday and invited his parents and two brothers.  The BIL in question was in town that day, but didn’t even bother to try and make it because he had made plans with his friends.  The party was on Friday evening, and he didn’t even attempt to call until the Monday night after.

All I can say is that both DH and I are done playing his game and he knows where to find us when he grows up.


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