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Listen Here, Lil’ Lady

My father-in-law is a bit of a chauvinist.  Sometimes I wonder how my MIL puts up with him; then again, she’s a bit of a ditz and I’m not sure she always sees it.  Whenever FIL has some piece of information or “interesting” tidbit to impart, he always addresses it to me–clearly, the little lady needs to be instructed.  But if he wants an opinion or has a question, he always addresses it to my husband–clearly, the menfolk are the only ones capable of making decisions. 

He’s convinced that he’s always right.  He also pretty much ignores anything I’ve ever said to correct him.  While they were at the zoo with my son, they spent a long time in The Living Treehouse watching the lemurs.

FIL: “But they weren’t actually lemurs, they were some other animal.”

Me: “Both the sign and the keeper who spoke to us last time told us that they’re ring-tailed lemurs.”

FIL: “No, no–they might be related to lemurs, but lemurs are red.  These weren’t lemurs.  They just call them that so it’s simpler.”

I dropped it when I saw my husband rolling his eyes at his father.  There’s no way to convince him that he’s wrong without making him look like an idiot…and he does that so well on his own.

I sometimes wonder how my husband turned out so normal.


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