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MIL Loves The Ridiculous

My MIL loves all things frilly. The more lace, sequins, or gaudy the better. Really, the more uncomfortable it looks, the more she loves it.

My 9 month old daughter got a Halloween sweatshirt in the mail from her. It is cute. However, the decal on the front? Hard, sequined, and scratchy. Also, it is of the cheap variety where the decal moves as one unit instead of folding. With a crawling infant, fabric must move.

Anyway, I sent my little girl in this sweatshirt to daycare in honor of Halloween. I picked her up that day and she had scratches. On her chin. From the sweatshirt. They weren’t deep or anything but still, seeing a bunch of scratches on your daughters chin because of her clothes… well that’s just not something a mom wants to see.

MIL gifts that are clothes will now be tested for safety purposes before being worn.


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