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The Waffle Tantrum

When my husband and I lived on the West Coast, we were pretty close to the airport. We lived in a high-traffic area, so the drive wasn’t always quick, but we had convienet access.

Needless to say, when my MIL went on a trip to the East Coast, she asked if we could pick her up. My MIL is a morning person, so imagine our surprise when her flight arrived at 2:30 a.m. But since my husband and I are very much evening folks, we just decided to stay awake until it was time to pick her up, then sleep after that.

As is typical, we picked her up on that day and exchanged pleasantries. She mentioned how good waffles sounded. I mentioned that I could make them for breakfast in the morning. (You know, later in the morning, after we slept.) We get to the car, and are on our way. Then, we ask her if she needed anything. “Well, I am kind of hungry.”

Husband: Okay, there isn’t much open. Shall we get you a hamburger or chicken sandwich or something?

MIL: No. I really want waffles.

Husband: Well, I am not sure there is a place open that serves waffles right now.

Me: Oh, there is a Denny’s!

MIL: No, I won’t eat at Denny’s.

Me: But they probably are the only place open that has waffles.

MIL: No. Denny’s is not acceptable.

Husband with exasperation: Well, then tell us something else you want. There isn’t a place that sells waffles that is open right now. This isn’t like the area you live in, where things are open 24 hours!

At this point, my MIL became possessed by a toddler. She threw a literal tantrum in the back of the car, screaming, “I WANT WAFFLES! I WANT WAFFLES! I WANT WAFFLES!!!!” My husband and I gave each other a look that said, “You’ve got to be kidding me?”

I finally thought of a 24 hour place that I thought served waffles. When we got there, it turned out they only had pancakes. Not one to make a scene in public, my MIL said that pancakes would be ok. Which was a good thing, because at 4 a.m. her son wasn’t ready to drive her any place else.


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  1. oh.

    That I think takes the cake for ridiculous MIL stories.

  2. That is absolutely insane!! That woman sounds imbalanced and in need of a reality check. Good Lord.

  3. Are you sure this was a MIL story and not one about a cranky toddler? Wow.

  4. I agree with Isabel…my first reaction was WOW and OMG WOW!!!

  5. I can honestly say with out knowing who you are or who your mother in law is, we must be linked! Do we have the same mother in law or are they related to one another? Temper tantrums galore seem to be her activity of choice. I am glad I am not alone in the mad world of M-I-L chaos! It can be a lonely place LOL.

  6. wow…seriously, wow. I feel your pain…my MIL throws tantrums when she can’t get her way!

  7. that’s really funny! your poor DH…

  8. I’ve never heard of something this bad coming out of a non-toddler.

    You should have put her over your knee and SPANKED her.

    Or made her get out and walk the rest of the way home…

    Ugh !!


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