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Fender Bender / Binger

The scene: me at my older SIL’s house less than two weeks after her son was born with my 6-month old son visiting.  My other SIL was also there and my BIL was resting in the bedroom.  My FIL calls to say he’s coming over.  When he arrives he has obviously been drinking (he’s an alcoholic and addict so this is no surprise) and he says something to the affect of “I rubbed some paint on that white car out front”.  My two SIL’s think he’s joking and explain that the car is my older SIL’s but I am driving it because I was having car trouble this week and she let me borrow it. 

We talked for a while and then out of no where he says something to the affect of “now I really rubbed up against that white car out there but I have insurance”.  At that point my SIL got concerned and asked if he was serious.  He said he was and said he would take care of it.  Mind you, my SIL is also recovering from a c-section and should NOT be up and moving around much at all.  We get out to the car and basically my FIL pulled to close to the car and rubbed up against the back fender, taking off paint and breaking the tail light.  My SIL starts yelling at him about driving drunk and threatens to call the cops.  He claims he has insurance, wasn’t that drunk, and that she should calm down.  He gives her the insurance info while she’s still yelling at him and decides it’s now time for his departure.  Of course he tears out of the addition, squealing his tires as fast as he could go with children running up and down the sidewalks. 

Sadly that should be the end of the story but of course my FIL had NOT paid his insurance premiums.  The last time they were paid was when the older SIL paid them for him.  He has no money, has declared bankruptcy, and my SIL had to pay her deductible to have her car fixed.  Yes, that is my FIL.  He’s a heck of a guy.


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  1. Oh the joys of alcoholism… sorry you have to deal with him.

  2. oh man…her father? or also her FIL? either way, that sucks!

  3. Shit…he sounds like my brother!


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