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Because I Said So

My MIL says stuff to make it true. And once she says it, it’s true. And that’s that.

1) SIL (PCOS, took Clomid) is 4 weeks pregnant. We’re shopping at IKEA
with my six-month old and MIL. My husband (her son) and I are infertile (MF {Male Factor} and elevated prolactin level for me) and did IVF to get our son.

Soooooooo, my MIL is saying how great it is that SIL is pregnant and how we now have DS.

MIL:     “Well I don’t think either of you are infertile. You’re pregnant (to my SIL) and you have DS (to me).”
Me:      “We both are infertile. Saying we aren’t doesn’t make it true. Neither of us can have kids without medical intervention.”
SIL:      “Saying that doesn’t make us feel good, Mom.”
MIL:     “Yeah but OtherSIL said she was infertile and then she had twins.  None of you are infertile.”

All of MIL’s kids will need Artificial Reproductive Assistance if they want kids of their own. Face it, MIL!


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  1. Infertility sucks. Infertility sucks even more when the people who are supposed to be caring and understanding still don’t get it and say stupid and insensitive things.

    We have MFI, and are in the process of adopting. My MIL still tells us, “Oh you’ll get pregnant….” Umm…no we won’t. It’s hard to get pregnant when your husband has a sperm count of ZERO!

  2. Even if she believed it, isn’t it the definition of tacky to say it? Some people are so ignorant.


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