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Not Stereotypical

I am hispanic. I have brown hair and brown eyes. My sister has red hair and brown eyes. My dad has brown hair and blue eyes…

You get the picture. We’re people, not stereotypes.

MIL     “Your son has brown hair.”
Me      “Actually, right now it’s strawberry blond. But I bet it turns brown, too.”
MIL     “No, it’s brown. Look.”
Me      “Um, yeah. Looks kinda blond.”


MIL    “Why is his hair blond in this photo?”
Me     “Um… Cuz it’s blond?”

She still thinks I photoshopped that one.


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  1. oo i hate that.. i married into a spanish name. I am blond/green eyes. i cant tell you how many times i get asked if boy was adopted as he is blond/blue eyed. Errr just because of the name people think they should “look” a certain way.

  2. Wow, and to think it’s almost 2008! You would think society had matured past such stereotypes!


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