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Hello to You, Too

After having not seen my in-laws in five months, the first thing my MIL says to me after walking in the door is “Oh, your hair is different.”

“Yeah, I just had seven inches cut off last week.”

“Well, it’s too bad you didn’t have the patience to let it grow three more inches so you could donate it.”


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  1. The Sane In-Law

    I bet you were thinking “too bad I opened the damn door.”

  2. What a b.

    Were you ever planning to donate your hair, or was that completely out of the blue? Not that it matters.

  3. I’ll bet you had some wonderfully choice comments jump to the tip of your tongue!

  4. Katherine – I donated my hair a couple years ago, after my first baby was born. Now, with two little ones, I just wanted it cut, so I wasn’t going to wait for it to grow to the required length AGAIN.

  5. Tell her at the next visit in 5 months that SHE looks different and if SHE donated hair because they really need all types even if they come from stupid people!!!!!!

  6. All you wanted to probably hear, I love what you did with your hair and its so great to see you. Right? Today is my birthday and for the second year in the row, my in-laws have to called me to wish me a happy birthday. They send a card, which I did receive yet and they think this is a nice gesture. I have known them since I was 18 and I am 34 today. They suck. Goss, I feel better. Have a nice day.

  7. dilinwisconsin

    I guess you could have said “I spent all of my patience on dealing with you”, but that wouldn’t have probably helped the situation…


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