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Break Out The HazMat Suit

My in-laws were planning a trip to see us for the first time in five months.  My husband, our two toddlers and I all had a stomach bug four days before, which we FULLY DISCLOSED, but they decided to make the trip anyway. 

They got sick four days into our visit and my MIL says to me “I never wanted to come.  Your FIL made me come.  I wanted to stay home.”  Then, when they got back to their house, she e-mailed me a link to the ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ website flu section. 

My husband, who usually never lets the things his mother does bother him, said “Screw her.  Next time she wants to come to my house I’ll tell her my co-worker’s cousin’s sister’s daughter was sick 2 months ago and we might still be contagious.”


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  1. dilinwisconsin

    what a witch 😦 I am sorry you have to deal with that!

  2. The Sane In-Law

    You should send her a link to this site and add a cheery, “Thanks for the information!” note to it.


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