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It’s Always All About Her

The Woman cannot stand it when someone other than herself is getting any attention.

Last year we made the usual trek over to DH’s mother’s house for the annual Christmas visit. We avoid her, otherwise, but as the holidays are about family, etc… we overlook her many grievances, annoyances and irritations and grace her with our presence.
Usually, she’s hospitable, and thaws to almost-friendly. This time, she was beyond arctic, and spent the majority of our visit addressing the family cat, the dog, anyone but us, if possible. We’d sensed something was amiss upon arrival, but overlooked it as much as we could. I thought we’d had a successful, marginally pleasant visit.
Until a day or so later, after we’d traveled to my own parents’, and received a call from DH’s brother. The timing was too conspicuous, so, even though we’d just sat down to dinner, I insisted DH take the call.
According to his brother, The Woman (she doesn’t deserve to be called MIL by me. DH has a stepmother who’s quite lovely and the title is reserved for her) had given him a play-by-play of our entire visit, claiming we were “hateful” to her. But did it end there? Noooo. DH’s brother and SIL were expecting a baby any day now, and should not have had to deal with the stress that followed.
The Woman had taken offense to an incident whereupon we were discussing the new baby and I’d remarked that DH’s stepmother had told me about a photo of the sonogram and some family features the unborn little one appeared to have inherited already. The Woman decided that this must surely mean that stepmother had, in her possession, her own copy of the photo, and well, that just wasn’t FAIRShe was the real grandmother and she didn’t even have such a thing! How DARE we!
I hadn’t even seen the photo, myself, was only repeating conversation, and it was all coming down on my head with a vengeance. Not to mention the parents-to-be had to suffer the maelstrom of The Woman’s wrath and outrage. She really does invent drama and tweak every situation to appear as though she is the one being done wrong.
Because we’d all been so “hateful” and “unfair” to her, she decided to further “punish” us by decreeing that DH’s nieces and nephews (grandchildren she had custody of) could not attend a movie with some other family members, as previously planned.
When all was said and done more 20 people ended up suffering because of The Woman’s completely fabricated perceived slight.


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  1. ouch! It is too bad that she has to be that way 😦 Sadly, the only person in the end she is going to hurt by acting that way is herself, especially when no one will want anything to do with her. Even if she has custody of her grandchildren, they eventually will move away and stay away if that is how she is going to be. I shudder to think how it must have been to grow up with her! 😦

  2. I never understand how people can be just so MEAN. Here people are, tyring to include her, visiting her for crying out loud, and all she does is complain about how everything isn’t about her! Honestly? Is she three?


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