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Guilty of Being Ignorant

My husband is a police officer who works midnights. I try to “screen” his calls during the day so that he can get some sleep. His mother is a nice but slightly neurotic person.

This was the conversation that happened just a few short minutes ago. Names have been changed to protect the innocent (namely, me):

(phone rings?)

Me: Hello?

MIL: Is your DH there?

Me: Yes, but he’s sleeping.

MIL: I’ve just been in an accident and I can’t get a hold of your FIL. (she’s obviously shaken)

Me: Where are you? Are you in [insert name of town in which my DH is a police officer]?

MIL: No, I’m near the grocery store in [insert name of town in which my DH is NOT a police officer!!!].

Me: Have you called the police yet?

MIL: No! I don’t know what to do!!

Me: You’ll have to call the police department for that town, then. Here is the number—

MIL: (hysterical) I don’t have anything to write it down with!! I’ll just call them!!! (hangs up)

Me: *heavy sigh*

I then go into the bedroom and turn off my DH’s cell phone so that he won’t be bothered if she tries to go around me.

This is a woman who is in her fifties. How old do you have to be to know that you need to call the police department if you’re in an accident???

I’m not really sure what she expected my DH to do, either. Hold her hand? Grow up, MIL!


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  1. *sigh* (with lots of eye-rolling)

    What are the women of this world coming to?
    Especially since, if there are no injuries, the police don’t always care to be called to come and mediate the exchanging of insurance info.

  2. Where we are it’s always the highway patrol who get involved in car accidents. And as Shades says, they don’t want to be bothered unless there are injuries. They were nice enough to call a tow truck when the guy pulled out right in front of me and tried to cross the highway. Some major front end damage, but no injuries. The cop couldn’t wait to brush us off!!

  3. My MIL is the same way. She needs to call my DH for everything!

  4. I think you are being unreasonable here. When people are in a situation like this, they are upset, frazzled and cannot think logically all the time. It is sometimes easier to call a third person who can help. It would have been kind of you to make the call for your MIL.

  5. My MIL and yours must be related. Seriously. I understand she was upset and frazzled, but seriously, she didn’t have to get so bent out of shape. My MIL would have hung up, called the correct police department (which, by the way, your DH would have done after he drug himself out of bed to rescue her, since he can’t do anything anyways, as he does not belong to that department), gotten home and then called to chew me and DH out for not helping her and he would have had to get up to listen to her rant and rave for the next hour on the phone, since you can’t hang up or she will call back angrier or just show up with her tirade. ugh. I feel your pain pretty much everyday.

  6. Wow, I’ve been reading through these for a while and this is the first time I read one that I had to comment to.
    Maybe she was just scared and needed that reassurance and since she couldn’t reach FIL then she called her son to reassure her. Just my thoughts.


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