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Well, Merry Christmas!

You know, MIL, I can put up with you teaching me how to use my own microwave or how to “properly” grill potatoes on the grill. I can tolerate your DS (my hubby) and I working our fingers to the bone to make it without any help from you (not that I would want it if you offered it) while you are too busy helping DH’s brother.  

I have tried to tolerate asking you out to lunch just to have you send FIL instead because all of a sudden you remembered you had something more important to do.  What is funny about that to me, is you would never DREAM of treating your other children or their significant others that way, so what makes it ok to do to me and your son?   

For seven years I have tolerated your slights, comments and actions in general, just because occasionally you are a nice person to me and we get a long. The final straw came for me Christmas Day when you “forgot” to call us to tell us when to come over.  You didn’t forget – let’s be honest here, you don’t forget anything.  The only thing you forgot is what you told us the night before (Christmas Eve) after you had a few too many beers:

I repeat “we may go to church tomorrow, so I don’t know when you should be here so I will let you know”.  

Did you think “letting us know” was through telepathy? Were we supposed to smell the food from 10 miles away?  Then, when you do call later in the day, you make FIL call because you knew you “messed up”.  So you feel bad, do ya?  Let’s be honest again, the only reason you feel badly about it is because you got caught.  As for me, I think I am done playing your games…enjoy DH’s help while you have it, because if I have anything to say about it, you won’t have it again.  I am tired of us being taken advantage of just because your other two grown children can’t lift a finger to help with anything.  

Oh, and that trip to you-know- where this spring?  You can forget that, too, we won’t be going; we are saving our money to go somewhere else on our own, but thanks.  Be sure to take your favorite children instead, you know the ones.  Oh, and don’t call us, we will call you. (Don’t hold your breath waiting.)


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  1. DAYUM! I think your MIL and my MIL must be at least first cousins if not twins separated at birth!

  2. I sure hope that you sent her that letter. She need to know exactly how you feel and maybe, just maybe (but I doubt it) she will be ashamed of herself because SHE SHOULD BE!!


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