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It’s the Thought That Counts, Right?

My in-laws are in the midst of the longest and strangest divorce known to mankind. Seriously. Since they are divorcing, we get Christmas presents from each of them.

My MIL sent us a lovely present this year. I’m not really sure what got into her. It was pretty awesome!

My father-in-law sent us a card. Not so bad. At least he thought of us, right? So I opened the card up and inside was a check made out to my husband. I didn’t think anything of it because most people just make checks out to one of us so that we don’t both have to endorse them. No big deal. I read the card. It was pretty nice sentiment. Then the check to my husband slid out of the card and underneath it was another check. This second check was made out to me. For half the amount as the first one. What? That doesn’t even make any sense. Why not make one check to both of us and we can split it however we want? Or why not give us both the same amount?

My husband called and talked to him and thanked him for the card. FIL mentioned that he decided not to give me as much to me and he hoped I wasn’t upset by it. Ok. When my husband tried to say anything about why he decided that, FIL just changed the subject. Whatever. I suppose it’s the thought that counts.

Or something like that…


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  1. The Sane In-Law

    Your FIL is probably thinking that in case of a divorce between his son and you, your son will have a nest egg? Yeah, ’cause I’m sure the check was just that big, right?

    That is WEIRD.

  2. What? That is just odd and quite honestly, blatantly rude. Why do people act so weird?

  3. Would he also ask you to step out of a family photo?? I think I would need to talk to this guy to figure this one out!

  4. That is odd. I don’t understand the logic behind that…but, then I don’t pretend to know the logic behind any IL’s thoughts and behaviors…

  5. Weird. But then again, he is a man so we will never figure out his logic

  6. I had to laugh at this b/c my MIL did the same thing…except not only did she give my husband more than twice as much as she gave me (and both amounts are a tiny percentage of what my mom gives both of us in equal amounts), she made a point of telling me that she gave all of her sons x amount and all of her DsIL y amount.

    My husband and I share everything anyway, so it’s not like it matters. We just kind of laugh at how differently our parents handle things.

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