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She Took Offense to Our Grief

My mother-in-law died this past May a week before Mother’s Day. By Father’s Day, another woman was sleeping with my FIL in her bed, and by September they were married.  My FIL couldn’t be alone, so he apparently hitched a ride with the first woman willing to give him what my MIL couldn’t in her last years of life (she had been ill for some time).  I loved my MIL dearly and was always thankful for the great relationship I had with her.

This past weekend my husband and I visited my FIL’s house for the first time since Father’s Day. We have kept our distance because we’re not really happy about the marriage. In spite of my FIL’s assurances his quick marriage to this other woman in no way meant he wished to forget my husband’s mother, imagine our shock when we walked into a house that looked nothing like the house we last visited in June.  They had completely gutted and remodeled the place.  The only thing left of my MIL was the curio clock that hung on the wall.

We knew they had remodeled, but we had no idea the house would look so completely different.  Our reaction was an emotional one and we had to leave the room for a moment to collect ourselves.  There were some tears and my FIL followed us to talk us through it.

A few days later, a conversation with my SIL revealed the new wife was offended by our reaction to the house.  She just couldn’t understand why we were so upset.

Listen lady, if you could see past your own selfishness for a moment, you’d be able to see our reaction had everything to do with the woman whose memory you effectively erased from the house and NOT your choice of kitchen cabinetry

Ignorant bitch.


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  1. I hate to say this since I would never want someone to defend my MIL but I really feel bad for this woman. She has no control over how fast your FIL remarried. She clearly was just trying to make her house her own. I would never want to move into someone else’s place and not make it me. I am an individual. I am sure she just wanted you to like it was sad to see that you seemed emotional. She is coming into your family and feels unaccepted by your display of grief. I am not defending her actions, just her emotions. If I were you I would consider how she felt also.


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