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What is it about MILs and haircuts?

Every time I go back to the States, I get a haircut at my husband’s barber’s. Every time, my MIL, she offers to pay for me to get my haircut somewhere else. It makes me feel like she hates my hair. Once when I had a job interview, she told me not to wear my hair ‘spiky’. At 35 I think I can do my own hair, thanks.

One time I took her up on her offer. We went to Supercuts, where she wanted a particular hairdresser to do our hair. She went first, getting a cut and colour. This took over an hour.

FIL called to see what the hold up was. He suggested I get some dinner at the fast food joint next door.

Then MIL realised SIL had just enough time for a cut before her baseball game. SIL rushed over, upset that she couldn’t help her DH get her twins (age 4) ready for the game. She saw me in the waiting area and paused.

Mom just called… you’re not still waiting, are you?


She started to apologise but really, we both know MIL. So SIL got a cut, and almost 3 hours after arriving so did I. When we got back FIL apologised. MIL said it was really a treat for me because a) I’m so patient and b) I got to read the Fall issue of Vogue, which you can’t get in Canada.

I did get to read a 600 page issue of Vogue, as a matter of fact. My haircut? He refused to take off as much as I wanted. I guess I forgot that MIL hates it that I wear my hair boy-short. Joke’s on me!

I’ve grown out my hair. This summer when I go back, I’m getting a boy-cut and donating my hair. I’ll do it in honour of my MIL.


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  1. Oh.

    I have just found your blog. Are we related? We must be. You have my MIL.

    (and I just found your new blog. After commenting on the old and not looking at your posting date). I need sleep.


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