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Open Letter to the MIL

You have done it again. You ask us to pick something up for you with your money and it isn’t quite what you like…then I send a reminder and you ask to remind you some other time.  Oh, I am sorry MIL; did I forget I was supposed to schedule my life around you?!

I never could figure out what your deal is…now I get it.  If it isn’t about you – it doesn’t matter, unless it is about the two BIL’s, then it REALLY matters.  It took me a long time to realize it, but I guess I married the one that you don’t really care about…Well, lady, here is a news flash for you:  the way you have been treating us lately has made the feeling become mutual.  

I used to think that you cared; now I just realized that you were just biding your time until your “real” sons could come live at home again.  Keep it up, you will be out completely – because, see, your son – my DH is seeing what you are becoming:  a bitter old hag. 

I am so tired, I don’t know if I can handle your criticism with my mouth closed anymore.  So sorry…I guess that is my fault too!


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  1. suggestion; get he book called Boundaries by Dr. henry cloud.
    You’ll laugh and cry and it will help you.
    Everything you are going through with family is covered in this book!


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