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I’m down to just a couple submissions left about your in-laws so it’s time to for an open call on your stories about those crazy In-Laws. It can be about your brother-in-law, sister-in-law, father-in-law and of course the every popular mother-in-law!

Keep your stories short and “sweet”, please, and if you have a title, make sure to include that as well or it will be subject to my limited imagination.

Stories (printed anonymously) can be sent to

Do it now. You know you want to.


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  1. When my soon-to-be husband got ready to ask me to marry him, he took me to visit his mother. She is divorced from his father and lives several states away, so I had never met her, but he – quite properly, IMO – didn’t want to become engaged until after we had met.

    So we go down. And one of the first things she does is take her son aside and tell him that our “public displays off affection” were upsetting her live-ion boyfriend. The PDA? I had put my feet in his lap because I was tired and the sofa was too small for both of us to lay down on it. Now, I could understand his (& probably her) disapproval if a) they weren’t living together & b) she hadn’t put us IN THE SAME ROOM! No, we were NOT sleeping together!!

    So, we had officially met. & so, at the very first opportunity we had to get away from the house, my boyfriend proposed. When we returned to the house, it turned out that my future MIL had managed to bump her fender while driving the car. It was this horribly traumatic incident, it seems, that made her flap her hands & rush out of the room saying “I can’t deal with this right now!” when my fiance informed her we had gotten engaged.

    Things came to a head when the wedding approached. She told us she was coming, but, somehow, managed to fall off her bicycle (which I didn’t know she had) and hurt her foot. She had a blood clot, so she couldn’t come to the wedding.

    As you can imagine, my fiance was crushed, especially when he confessed to me that his mother had asked him if he was sure that I wasn’t “one of those JAPS who never get a job.” Yes, she is Catholic, and I am Jewish.

    My husband was horrified to find that his mother had any bigotry in her at all. But it gets better! The real punchline? Her ex-husband, my husband’s father, to whom she had been married for about 17 years, is Jewish. No one in his family could even be remotely described as a “JAP”; this woman wouldn’t know a JAP if one walked up and slapped her – and for hurting my husband so much, I really felt like doing it!!

  2. My husband’s cousin & her 3-year-old daughter crashed our honeymoon. His Aunt has a gorgeous house in San Francisco & a stunning lodge in the mountains between Napa & Sonoma Valleys. We were (& are!) poor newly weds & couldn’t afford to stay in hotels on our trip, but really wanted to go to San Francisco & wine country. His Aunt was going to be on a European cruise at the time & offered up both of her gorgeous homes for us to stay in on our honeymoon. We couldn’t be more excited.
    What I didn’t know was my husband’s Cousin & her daughter lived with the Aunt. I was told that The Cousin would pick us up from the airport in San Fran, take us to the house & show us the alarms, the car, etc. She would then go up to the lodge while we enjoyed the city. Later in the week, we would drive up to the lodge & she would show us around, then head to the city for the rest of the week. We were very enthusiastic about this arrangement & agreed right away.
    Big mistake. The Cousin & 3-year-old daughter picked us up from the airport like a tornado & proceeded to spend every day of our honeymoon with us! I didn’t know what to do. I had just married this man & didn’t want to start any family battles. Plus, we are both too nice to say anything. It wasn’t the 3-year-old’s fault & I didn’t want to be mean or rude. The only day of freedom we had, involved sneaking out of the lodge at 3am to head down to a reserved hot air balloon ride over Napa. We did manage to have a nice relaxed lunch & managed to get a little tipsy touring a few of the wineries. It wasn’t until we got back to the lodge that night that The Cousin told us she was very disappointed we didn’t wake her & her daughter up to come with us. It was horrible.
    In spite of it all, we were able to have a few moments of fun & togetherness. I think the whole experience made us the strong, loving couple we are today. Also, a few years ago we went to Costa Rica on OUR OWN & had a fabulous second honeymoon.


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