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Good Thing We Had Nothing To Hide

When my son was born, my in-laws came out to be with us for two weeks. They invited themselves. My mom was only coming to stay for a week. The in-laws stayed at our house until my mom got there. It was understood that when she got there, the in-laws would go stay with friends they had in town. The in-laws ended up coming into town the day before I went into labor. My mom flew in while I started labor.

The next two nights my husband and I stayed at the hospital. The first night my mom stayed in our room while my in-laws stayed unwanted in our guest room. This pissed me off because my mom wasn’t able to unpack. The second night she stayed with me and my husband at the hospital.

When we got home the next day, it was very evident that the in-laws had been snooping in our bedroom. My husband had five baby pictures of himself in a baggie on our closet shelf. The only ones he owned. A couple weeks later we went to get the pictures so we could compare our new son with my husband as a baby. The only thing we could find was the empty baggie. Why they didn’t take the baggie too is beyond me. Leaving it only proved that they stole the pictures. His mom is like a baby picture Nazi. She reluctantly handed some over when he asked for few a couple years ago. Apparently she wanted them back.


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  1. I would quite matter-of-factly ask for those pictures back and maybe even graciously offer to get her scanned copies.

    But by confronting her point-blank she will know that you have no doubt that she was in your stuff.

    Next time, you’ll need to hide some S&M stuff or some naked pictures of her son with a post-it note that says, “Hi, Mom!”

  2. I’m with Sane! You should have pics of you spanking hubby’s bottom red and let her find those! What a piece of work! I think we have the same MIL!

  3. I agree that you should confront your snooping, thieving in laws. And try to say no the next time they invite themselves over. I know it’s hard. I’ve dealt with the same issue.


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