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Get Real!

My husband is infertile because of cancer treatments he had as a child, and we are currently pursuing international adoption to build our family.  While talking excitedly about our adoption, MIL quips, “Well, I’m sure glad I was able to have at least some real grandchildren.”

Um, listen Bitch, my kids will be your REAL grandchildren.  They aren’t made of card board!  And if your attitude doesn’t change real soon, you will NEVER interact with them:  I will make sure of that!


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  1. So, does she think that if you did sperm donation her grandchildren would be “real”? I mean, she should know about the effects cancer treatments, right?

    My FIL did the same thing to me and my husband. I should write in about that one.

  2. Not the same, he did a similar thing. Duh.

  3. Ugh. Her quip (attack) was awful! You do hold all of the cards, though. I hope your parents are more supportive. It’s nice when you can look to your own family for support when the in laws act badly.

    🙂 Good luck with your adoption!

  4. That is terrible!!!

  5. Tell her you ARE adopting robots…but they are very lifelike! And ask her how on earth did she figure it out??? ;o)

  6. How horrible! We’re pursuing international adoption and also have a biological children, and we constantly get the “At least you have a real son already” or “At least you have one of your own.” Argh.

    At least most of it has been from strangers rather than family. Most.

  7. Yikes! What a horrible thing for her to say. Congrats on your decision to pursue international adoption. How exciting! I hope everything goes very smoothly and quickly for you.

  8. I am adopted and if anyone in my family ever said anything like that to my parents I know they would have cut them off immediately. MIL needs to be told to mind her Ps & Qs. Adoption is a wonderful gift. My DM always tells me, “I didn’t give birth to you but I know we were meant to be Mother and Daughter”. She is so right. She’s the best Mom in the whole world. Your MIL is awful and should be ashamed of herself!

  9. And THAT’S why I LOVE Angelina Jolie! Her father thinks the same way and she cut him off!


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