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Not Cinderella. Not Friends With Mice.

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to get pregnant after IVF. DH and I were visiting our in-laws (all of them, they live on the same street). I was hanging out with SIL and MIL, talking about where DH and I were staying. We were supposed to stay with the grandparents, but I noticed mouse droppings there on our previous visit and I didn’t want to stay there while I was pregnant. You know, mice. MICE.

MIL said (from the kitchen, she wouldn’t face me to have this discussion) that her parent’s feelings were more important than my concern.

SIL said the mice were a problem and we would be staying with her.

MIL said the grandparents were expecting us.

I said I’d clean it, wearing a special mask.

MIL said she’d rather we stayed with her. On her deck. Outside on her deck.

Later, DH defended her by saying he often slept there as a child. A pregnant child? I asked.

DH and I spent the first night at SIL’s, the next day cleaning (DEEP cleaning) the grandparents, and the next night sleeping with the kind of peacefulness that comes from being very tired and knowing that there is nowhere as clean as the place you clean when you are pregnant after IVF. The special mask left an imprint on my face that took hours to wear off.

Personally I would clean and mouse-proof my parent’s house because I love them and don’t want them to live in squalor or thank the person who would do so for me. MIL was very offended. She said it was no problem because everyone who lived there had mice. LIAR! The only way I would stay after that was if I could clean and stay in one room for my whole visit.

This all came back to me because they are visiting us soon. I was preparing DH’s office to be their room during their visit (we live in a small apartment). Usually they sleep in our room and we sleep in the office, but this time I didn’t feel like doing that. I tidied up a bit, vacuumed. I was about to mop… nah. We don’t have mice. If she doesn’t think it’s clean enough she can mop it herself or sleep on my balcony. I won’t even be angry about it!


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  1. I LOVE HOW YOUR STORY ENDS! Your MIL deserves it..and hey, in honor of this website let her sleep on the balcony and let her wake up, yup, let the MIL wake up with the first morning DEW on her face. Maybe not mouse doo, but outside and feeling like yesterdays trash…it’s what a lot of MILs deserve.

  2. Mouse droppings?! I would have told the in laws that CPS can come and take your kids for disgusting, unsanitary conditions like that. EW!!!

  3. Excellent post. Nothing like trying to force a pregent women to sleep somewhere she’s not comfortable. Kind of like feeding the bears, right?? What’s wrong with these people! Being pregent is such a special thing… you worked so hard…Give the woman the peace of mind of sleeping in a clean place… make her comfortable!! Mice crap, YUCK!!! You did a good job, with everything.


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