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Even Mickey Mouse Would Understand

My in-laws decided to take my 3-year-old son for his first trip to Disney World right around his 3rd birthday (as his birthday present). They, of course, also offered to take my husband and I along. It was pleasant and a nice experience for all of us, though completely dominated by what they wanted him to see/they wanted to do. We stayed at a Disney-related value resort for a hotel, which was very nice and offered a lot of the same options as one of their fancier, closer hotels which are quite a bit more expensive.

Later in the year, my MIL decided she wanted to go again to Disney and take my family (myself, now 8 months pregnant, her son and our son). But this time, FIL didn’t want to stay at the value resort, he wanted to stay at one of the pricier resorts on property. (In-season, this can cost up to 3 times as much as the value resorts). However, this time, we would be expected to pay our own way – meals and hotel room (they would provide the tickets into the park only).

Being very pregnant, my husband and I were trying to save as much money as possible and the close to $200 per night rate of their chosen hotel was way out of our price-range. We could have possibly swung the value resort, but were not given that option by my in-laws – when the subject came up, they were insulted that we would dare stay somewhere else. When we ultimately looked at our budget (this was also just before Christmas) and determined that we simply could not swing things financially, my MIL had a fit. “Oh, sure, when I pay for everything you jump at the chance, but when you have to contribute, you can’t go!”

I ask you, doesn’t that make sense? And with now 2 children to take care of, shouldn’t she be happy that we are making logical decisions about our financial abilities?


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  1. Your MIL is lame. She gave you a gift and now she’s throwing it in your face that you accepted? She can’t understand budgeting? She thinks forcing you to splurge beyond your means for a vacation is more important than being responsible and planning for your family’s future?

    I want to slap her for you. Just point me in the right direction.

  2. I volunteer to kick her in the shins.

    This is reason #47 that I never accept anything from anyone. I never know when it will come back to bite me in the ass.


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